First EIT Publication: Catalysing Innovation in the Knowledge Triangle

The EIT's publication on practices emerging from its three current Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) is published.

The publication has been compiled to showcase the approach - its ‘what’ and its ‘how’ - taken by the EIT to catalyse the knowledge triangle (business, higher education and research) in Europe. The models of governance and the activities emerging from the Institute’s first three KICs are innovative and experimental and these experiences should be of particular interest to policy-makers, innovation practitioners and analysts, as well as to the new generation of potential future KICs.
The publication begins with an overview of the EIT, the KICs and their Co-location Centres (CLC), and presents their practices to foster innovation from all three sides of the knowledge triangle. Subsequent chapters highlight the emerging governance model of the KICs in more detail. They also analyse some of the practices of the EIT and the KICs in support of entrepreneurship and innovation. These include nurturing talent, bridging the innovation gap between ideas and the market and accelerating business development.

Download the publication here.