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Join the EIT Community and grow with us!

Welcome to our commitment to sustainability! We believe in the power of collective action to address the pressing environmental challenges of our time. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest INNOVEIT campaign: The EIT Community Forest.

Just as a forest thrives through networking and mutual support, so does our EIT Community. By attending our INNOVEIT events in 2024 in person, you will not only gain many insights into our initiatives, but also contribute to a greener future: In collaboration with Life Terra, we will adopt a tree in Europe for every participant.

Our EIT Community Forest is located in Belgium, consists of trees that already have been planted, are ready to be adopted and has a high level of biodiversity. On the map below you can find all the trees that have been adopted as part of INNOVEIT 2024. If you have already received your personal tree code at one of our events, you can redeem it via this link.

Join us and contribute to a more sustainable future, because together we can make a difference – one tree at a time!


Trees are the lungs of our planet, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which is crucial for combating climate change. However, deforestation is progressing at an alarming rate, threatening biodiversity, exacerbating global warming and disrupting local ecosystems. Reforestation and the protection of our forests have never been more urgent.