KIC InnoEnergy PhD School - Apply Now!

The mission of KIC InnoEnergy PhD School is to foster an innovative and entrepreneurial culture in its graduates that enhances their market value when they become employed.

What we look for in a candidate:

  • an interest in energy innovation and turning research into a viable business opportunity, connecting this to patents, IP, risk assessment, and so forth
  • innovation and entrepreneurship potential in their thesis
  • an industry connection of their thesis
  • those actively looking for opportunities, to
    • improve and make an impact on society with their research,
    • help a company or the industry at large become more competitive,
    • found a company, either independently or as part of a corporation.

What we offer

KIC InnoEnergy PhD School offers a unique supplementary education for future engineers in innovation & business creation and entrepreneurship (I&BE) significantly enhancing the market value of its graduates at the time of their employment.

PhD School offers a programme that compliments and supplements a candidate’s regular doctoral studies, independently completed at his/her home university.

When can you expect to hear from us?

Our programme is open for year-round applications.

The evaluation committee meets three times a year, usually in January, May and September. Once the evaluation committee has ranked all applicants, a final selection will take place via a series of online interviews and a one-day assessment centre.

Download the PhD School Handbook

Our programme is now open for continuous applications!

Please submit your documents as one PDF file to: