New Year's resolution: join an EIT accelerator programme

Get ahead with EIT accelerator programmes

Yesterday you looked at EIT education programmes. Today, you can spend your time looking at EIT accelerator programmes.

We've made it easy for you, again, by collecting the main links here.

What's in it for me? Support in many forms:

  • help finding customers
  • lead generation
  • access to finance
  • knowledge, resources, tools
  • grants
  • business creation
  • access to markets
  • support in scaling up
  • project validation
  • creating business plans

Below, alphabetically, are the EIT Innovation Communities' accelerator programmes. Good luck.

EIT Climate-KIC accelerator

EIT Digital accelerator

EIT Food accelerator

EIT Health accelerator

EIT InnoEnergy Highway and Boostway

EIT RawMaterials Kickstarter and Booster Funding

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