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Year in review: Read the EIT Alumni Impact Report 2019

EIT Alumni

Another great year for the EIT Alumni Community

The EIT Alumni Community celebrated its fourth year under the guidance of the EIT Alumni Board, which saw quite a few evolutions and shifts throughout the Community’s activities and structure. Outreach and the impact of the Community were strengthened.

In terms of governance, the representatives of the EIT and each EIT Alumni Community welcomed Peter Olesen, previously EIT Governing Board Chairman, as external observer and advisory member.

A few milestones from 2019

  • The network expanded to over 10 000 members.
  • EIT Alumni Connect 2019 marked the ultimate Community gathering of the year, welcoming more EIT Alumni members than ever before from the EIT Alumni Communities. For the second year, it was fully managed by EIT Alumni members themselves, and held independently from the EIT’s ‘INNOVEIT’ annual event.
  • Major collaborations were established this year with the Marie Curie Alumni Association, starting with mutual invitations to key events, for example, Tech Open Air in Berlin that most of the individual EIT Alumni Communities attended.
  • Another novelty this year concerned the organisation of the EIT Alumni Start-up Days, by the Women@EIT team in September, who took the lead and put their own spin on it.


Want to know more about the activities, results and impact of the EIT Alumni in 2019? Read the impact report here.