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Skeleton Technologies


Skeleton Technologies deliver high power, high energy, reliable and long-life storage solutions across industries.

Their new generation batteries (ultracapacitors) are revolutionising the market, delivering twice the energy density of the most advanced devices produced by competitors. Recharged in less than two seconds, with a lifetime of more than one million uses (against the 3 000 uses that’s typical of traditional batteries), these patented raw material, ‘curved graphene’ ultracapacitors are a true game-changing innovation. 

EIT InnoEnergy supported Skeleton Technologies’ growth and development from the very beginning, starting with the innovation project that developed curved graphene, UCGEN3. Since 2015, EIT InnoEnergy has supported the company financially along with significant support in promoting network building with institutions and potential clients. This support was critical for helping Skeleton Technologies grow its team.


Apart from the monetary support, what has helped us a lot is the network that the EIT and EIT InnoEnergy has provided to us: the network of experts, the contacts with different companies, the experience, and especially the experience for new founders and young companies. What is important for a young company? Which areas should we focus on and not focus on? And all of this experience, I would say, was worth at least as much as the equity support!


Dr. Sebastian Pohlman, VP for Automotive and Business Development at Skeleton Technologies

With “made in the EU” products, Skeleton Technologies is experiencing considerable success in the motorsport, medical equipment, renewable energy, auto and aircraft manufacturing sectors, and with the European Space Agency. Its list of partners has grown to include brands like Skoda, Volvo, and Medcom and it is recognised as a Global Cleantech 100 company in supercapacitor and energy storage. Its production in Germany has grown enormously over the years and it cooperates strategically with the Japanese Marubeni Corporation in the Asian market.

Energy storage is a key element in drastically reducing emissions in these sectors, and innovation in energy storage plays a crucial role in enabling the global economy to achieve crucial climate goals.

Taavi Madiberk, CEO of Skeleton