Water and Energy for Climate Change WE4CC-II

Mempower EIT Climate-KIC

Using membrane distillation and desiccant recovery systems to turn low-grade waste heat or renewable solar PVT heat into high-quality water and indoor air, supported by EIT Climate-KIC

Waste heat is produced by many industrial, domestic and energy production processes, and it plays a significant part in rising global temperatures. The WE4CC-II project harnesses this waste heat to produce high-quality water and indoor air (humidity) control, which can substantially reduce energy consumption and C0₂ emissions.

WE4CC-II uses membrane distillation technology to produce water through a thermally driven separating process where water vapour passes through a hydrophobic membrane and a high-quality liquid is retained. For air de-humidification, it uses desiccant recovery systems.

Last year, WE4CC-II won a prize with a spinoff of the Memstill technology, i.e. the MemPower technology 

WE4CC-II, supported by EIT Climate-KIC, won the EIT Innovators Award. 2016

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Website: http://we4cc.eu/home.html

EIT Innovators Award winner 2016 also wins MBR Global Water Award in Dubai

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