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Yue Sun & Tianchi Li


Former EIT Digital Master's students


Just three months before finishing their EIT Digital Master School, Yue and Tianchi dropped out. No double degree. No EIT certificate. No Graduation Ceremony. Regrets? No, says Yue Sun, co-founder of CodeMao. Instead he and his partner Tianchi Li raised almost seven million euros in funding and are now founders of a company that employs 135 and is preparing to expand globally. "We were trained well," he says. 

Inspired by their love of cats, (Of which there are many in their office!) Yue and Tianchi's company CodeMao (CodeCat) provides a learning platform which teaches programming to children.
Despite leaving their degree early, the pair have become very successful. All it took was an idea and the skills they "brought from their EIT Digital Master's degree".


More about CodeMao: here