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EIT Health COVID-19 support - Rapid Response

Submit your proposal as 'Rapid response' to the COVID-19

Application deadline: 08 April 2020, 16:00 CET

EIT Health opened the 'Rapid Response' request for proposals to support immediate response of the partnership to the COVID-19 pandemic. EIT Health Partners in collaboration with other partners can send their proposals.

New projects or extensions of an existing EIT Health BP 2020 project must be implemented rapidly, with full spending and completion taking place in 2020. Proposed activities must create short-term impact that can be scaled internationally and leverage the partnership network.

The amount of funding available for the 'Rapid Response' projects depends on the funding that will be freed from the other delayed/terminated activities in the EIT Health portfolio in 2020. EIT Health does not have an obligation to grant any projects at this stage, as there is no clarity on the funding available for the 'Rapid Response'.

'Rapid Response' Project Requirements

  • Projects should address the COVID-19 outbreak exclusively and have an 'innovative' element
  • Rapid implementation of the project is required. The project should be completed, and the funding spent by the end of 2020
  • The project should generate an immediate/short-term impact in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic that can be achieved and measured by the end of 2020
  • The project should generate an impact that can be scaled internationally (in Europe and globally)
  • There should be a solid scientific/technological background that should ensure the safety of patients and healthcare providers
  • The project should include elements of Knowledge Triangle Integration (e.g. university-research-business cooperation element; research to market pathway etc)

Please note: Vaccine and drug discovery/development are outside of EIT Health’s scope and will not be supported through the 'Rapid Response'.

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