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1000 Solar Roofs – Cities and Jobs Regeneration through Community Led Solarisation (SOL4ALL)

EIT Crisis Response Initiative Budget: EUR 100 000

Partners: Zelena Enerhetska Zadruga (HR), and E-insitute Zavod za celovite razvojne rešitve (HR).

Innovation: The aim of the “SOL4ALL” project is to accelerate the transformation and regeneration of cities in Croatia through a community-led solar revolution by delivering 1 000 solar PV systems to urban households. The project will focus on development of an online matchmaking platform that will engage citizens and cities with project developers, solar companies and solar installers to activate behavioural change, jobs and skills creation.

Expected Results: The project will tackle unemployment and economic recovery caused by the COVID-19 crisis in Croatia and Slovenia by designing and delivering models for green recovery through solar energy and green jobs. This could then be further replicated in the South East Europe Region. Solar energy will be delivered in 10 cities who have already committed to the climate and energy transition. The project will save energy costs in households, bring new skills and jobs through solar cooperative model, enable faster energy transition in cities while creating more resilient communities.

SOL4All was featured in Forbes.

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