EIT Health’s crowdfunding effort helps fight COVID-19

EIT Health’s crowdfunding effort helps fight COVID-19

#CrowdBeatsCorona – Aescuvest provides campaigns for start-ups and research companies in the fight against COVID-19.

EIT Health’s crowdfunding platform, run by Aescuvest, enables start-ups and research companies working on solutions to combat COVID-19 to launch short-term financing campaigns to help accelerate their market entry.

On the “Call for innovations” launched by EIT Health in March, more than 30 companies from across Europe applied for a campaign. An independent panel of industry experts then assessed the projects’ relevance and feasibility.

A neutralising antibody therapy against corona viruses and a contactless laboratory test for COVID-19 are the first promising innovations that the #CrowdBeatsCorona platform is releasing for financing.

Crowdfunding enables the public to play an active role in beating the virus and invest in the most promising healthcare ventures to help combat the most pressing health challenge of today.

Two further companies are currently in advanced stage of the assessment process. The start of a first public funding campaign is expected to launch at the end of May.