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Cross-KIC EIT Regional Executive Academy in Bulgaria 2021 - Call for expression of interest

EIT Food invites local organizations from Bulgaria that have specific connection to innovation policy design and implementation and operates in any of the EIT communities areas to apply and participate within the program as the local co-organizer and host of the EIT Regional Executive Academy. 

How is the Regional Executive Academy structured?

EIT Regional Executive Academy aims to increase innovation and entrepreneurial capacity, bringing together key local innovation policy experts and stakeholders across Bulgaria. EIT Regional Executive Academy shall offer capacity building and stimulating learning environment for representatives of regional level administration and relevant stakeholders from Bulgaria to ensure a better alignment of regulations and support programs to global trends in the respective industries through communication with industry experts and cross-regional collaboration between authorities

Organisations targeted by this call are encouraged to prepare proposals that will support the development and implementation of actions cumulatively leading to the event. 

Eligible organisations

The application is open to organisations placed in Bulgaria, which are able to co-organize and host of the EIT Regional Executive Academy. Organizations eligible for this call are: 

  • Legal persons (such as companies, incubators or accelerators, innovation centres, higher education institutes, research institutes, non-governmental organisations, etc.); 
  • Recognised as important actors in the local innovation ecosystems; 
  • Capable of organising local events and able to organise the RIS EIT Regional Executive Academy in Bulgaria before the end of November in an on-site or on-line event format (to be chosen depending on the local pandemic situation). 

How to apply?  

Interested and eligible organisations are invited to submit their applications in English by 13 October 2021, 15:00 CEST using the template: “EIT Regional Executive Academy in Bulgaria 2021 – Call for proposals. Application form”. Please send the electronic version of the application to:

Cross-KIC EIT Regional Executive Academy in Bulgaria 2021 - call for proposals

Check out the template here