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EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School 2021

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School is now open for applications.

Applications deadline: 24 September 2021

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School programme aims to attract and empower top talents from its partner universities across Europe. The objective is to further empower young talents through mobility and other learning opportunities to become leading manufacturing innovators and entrepreneurs. EIT Manufacturing PhDs will be one of the main assets of the EIT Manufacturing innovation communities, spreading innovation and creating new businesses within the manufacturing ecosystem.

What does the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School offer?

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral training programme offers mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation and entrepreneurship, and business modules, to PhD students. EIT Manufacturing PhD graduates will generate start-ups or innovate within manufacturing companies and ecosystem, contributing to European competitiveness, environmental sustainability and to the creation of new quality jobs.

Close cooperation with the industry is key for the development of the EIT Manufacturing PhD candidates, and in bringing value and to the industry through innovation and/or new businesses.

Who can apply to the Doctoral School?

PhD students from EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School University partners, who wish to add entrepreneurial, innovation and business skills. The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School has currently six university partners:

The partner universities will evaluate the applicants according to their PhD internal requirements. Successful candidates can then apply to the open Industrial Doctorate positions of the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School, where they will be selected with a competitive grading system.

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School programme is free of charge. Students will be requested to pay not mandatory activities at a special rate, which will be communicated that the time of the activity application opening. Scholarships and mobility grants are available for specific sub-set of students, as well.

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Application portal is open until 24 September 2021. For more information on selection criteria, admissions process and key deadlines, please go to EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School webpage.

Or go directly to the Application Portal and apply at the link below:

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