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EIT RawMaterials Alumni - Join the network!

Have you participated in an EIT RawMaterials programme or training, or received funding for a project? EIT RawMaterials Alumni invites you to join its network!

Join the network!

EIT RawMaterials Alumni platform offers a range of features that provide an opportunity for EIT RawMaterials Alumni members to benefit from the Innovation Community’s network and for EIT RawMaterials partners to connect with more than 700 talented graduates with technical and business skills, many of them new on the job market.

Members of the EIT RawMaterials Alumni network will benefit from:

  • Networking
  • Career opportunities
  • Mentorship and knowledge exchange
  • Connection to the larger EIT Alumni community around Europe

In line with EIT RawMaterials' belief that 'connecting matters', the platform allows graduates to stay connected with each other and with the larger EIT Alumni community, as well as to get the latest updates on innovation, education and entrepreneurship-related events, services and opportunities around Europe.

Discover the EIT Alumni Community

EIT RawMaterials Alumni is for participants from all EIT RawMaterials activities such as:

EIT RawMaterials partners are invited to advertise employment, internship, placement or PhD opportunities on the platform.

Click here to join the EIT RawMaterials Alumni Network

To find out more, contact or visit the dedicated website.