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Pre-qualification Notice: EIT Community Officer of the EIT Community RIS Hub in Slovenia

EIT RawMaterials (Contracting Authority) is looking for a company or professional to sign a consulting contract based on deliverables to act as its EIT Community Officer in Slovenia. 

The EIT Community Officer (ECO) is an individual or entity appointed to represent and coordinate the activities of the EIT Community RIS Hubs at a national level. The EIT Community RIS Hubs (EIT CRH) refer to the network of hubs established across Europe under the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), aiming to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by linking local innovation actors with the broader EIT ecosystem. ECOs are responsible for tasks as outlined in detail in the 'EIT RIS HUBS Minimum Standards and Guiding Principles' document, specifically in the 'List of Tasks and Responsibilities of the EIT Community Officer.' Among their key duties are facilitating communication, organising events, consolidating data, and ensuring adherence to EIT standards and principles without exerting hierarchical control over RIS Hub entities.

Alongside the below elaborated key operational areas, the EIT Community Officer is responsible for deploying the governance Memorandum of Understanding between the EIT community RIS Hubs members, which will regulate their roles and responsibilities, coordination instruments, code of conduct and conflict resolution policy. A standard MoU template will be facilitated by the Cross-KIC Strategic Regional Innovations Cluster.

The support that is required covers three key operational areas:  

Events and dissemination

  • Lead the organisation of shared EIT Community awareness-raising events
  • Maintain awareness and respect other dissemination and scouting, thematic-specific events organised by EIT Community members
  • Support the participation of EIT Community representatives in relevant national events
  • Design appropriate methods and tools for information sharing and coordination ​
  • Actively collect and disseminate information about the KICs’ funding opportunities, events, and other initiatives organised or promoted by the KICs through applicable channels​
  • Coordinate the collection and dissemination of funding opportunities and key events from national, regional and third-party sources, other than those from the KICs.
  • Manage and update the EIT Community RIS Hub website, in the local language, with information on EIT Community activities and opportunities, including dedicated sections targeted towards specific stakeholders, including, students, start-ups, national authorities and so on

Leading Role

  • Scout for and recommend to the EIT KICs opportunities to implement joint projects financed through other EU / national / regional funds (including ESIF and IPA III).​
  • Suggest and support, including, where appropriate and with the agreement of the EIT KICs,  and lead the implementation of possible joint activities amongst the EIT KICs, to be implemented nationally and / or regionally, aligned with relevant RIS3 priorities.​
  • At the request of the EIT KICs, support any necessary updating of the local Country‐specific roadmap and support with its implementation, as appropriate.​
  • Serve as a centralised contact gateway for local stakeholders to the EIT Community as a whole, and refer stakeholders to contact persons within other relevant EIT KICs, best suited to support their needs;

Supporting Role

  • Keep an up-to-date record of all entities which are members (MoU signatories) of the EIT CRH and involve them in the coordination of the EIT CRH as set out in the EIT CRH governance MoU.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the EIT model and staying updated with the activities of the KICs.​
  • Establish good working relationships with all EIT Community RIS Hub members and other EIT KIC offices at both national and regional levels.
  • Set up and maintain a physical space in the commonly decided city of operation, where local stakeholders, including NCPs, can access information about the EIT Community.
  • Support for a coordinated approach amongst the EIT KICs’ RIS Hubs towards national authorities including relevant NCPs and managing authorities
  • In consultation with the EIT Community RIS Hub members, and other EIT KIC Offices present in the same ecosystem, establish a smooth and efficient working method which limits the administrative burden on the EIT Community RIS Hub Members, and other EIT KIC Offices, while supporting their minimum functions.​
  • Provide support, additional to that already offered by the EIT RIS Hubs, to the EIT and the EIT KICs with navigating the local innovation landscape, including by contributing to the development of EIT maps / ecosystem mapping.​
  • Actively contribute to securing co-funding opportunities, including arranging meetings with relevant national/regional authorities.

Important Dates

Deadline for submitting Letter of Interest: 7 June 2024

Establishing a pre-qualification list & sending a Request for Proposals to pre-qualified Applicants: 28 June 2024

Tender Document

Please find the full tender document here.


For questions please contact

Imre Gombkoto, RIS Project Coordinator