POSTPONED: EIT RawMaterials RawMatCop Academy

Due to the uncertainty created by the outbreak of COVID-19, the RawMatCop Academy 2020 will be postponed to autumn 2020 and applications will reopen later this year. Please stay tuned for further updates.

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The RawMatCop Academy, Copernicus for RawMaterials, offers a hands-on approach and shows how to unlock the power of Copernicus for companies, organisations and research institutions along the entire life cycle of raw materials. During the RawMatCop Academy, participants have the opportunity to work directly with Copernicus’ Sentinel satellite data and open source software to learn how it can be used for:

  • Securing the primary and secondary mineral and material resources needed to transition to a sustainable and circular economy
  • Monitoring environmental impact and increasing safety

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I found that the course was very rich in content and I also met great people with different backgrounds. The biggest takeaway from participating was discovering the huge potential for Copernicus applications waiting for exploitation. Besides this, I had the opportunity to engage with new people and create business opportunities. And all of this in one single event! It has certainly been a pleasure to be one of the participants in the RawMatCop Academy 2019.

Dr. Pavlos Tyrologou, External Relations Officer at the European Federation of Geologists

Whether you are looking to further develop your technical skills in a new and exciting area, or help your organisation embrace cutting-edge technology to transform their business operations, the RawMatCop Academy is for you! Learn how to apply satellite imagery to raw materials challenges and join a select group of professionals and experts who are transforming the sector!

I decided to apply to the RawMatCop Academy because Copernicus was identified by our company’s “Technology Observatory” as a potentially disruptive technology for our target industries over the next years. The RawMatCop Academy provided me with a good understanding of the potential uses of Copernicus-derived technology for business operations. We are now using the knowledge acquired in Bologna to demonstrate to clients the great potential of combining IoT with Copernicus data.

Dr. Andrea Bartoli, Head of Innovation Department at Worldsensing

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