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Chief Operating Officer (AD 11)

The EIT is organising a call for expressions of interest to establish a reserve list for Temporary Staff (TA) for the profile of Chief Operating Officer. The place of employment will be Budapest, where the EIT Headquarters are located.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will manage EIT operations of the EIT Headquarters (HQ) i, backing and supporting the EIT Director in achievement of the EIT's overall objectives and annual work programme. As part of the management team and as a member of middle management staff, the jobholder will be responsible for aligning operational activities across core business units of the EIT. The jobholder will be accountable and report to the EIT Director. The COO will support and back the Director when required in overseeing the EIT overall plan of core operations. In the absence of the Director, the Chief Operating Officer may be asked to replace the Director in his absence and receive a delegation for certain activities.

Under the supervision of the Director, the COO will drive operations and processes necessary to shape the EIT’s current and future partnerships with KICs. In particular, the tasks of the Chief Operating Officer will include the following:


  • Managing and controlling the planning and execution of the EIT’s core operational activities in compliance with the Single Programming Document;
  • Prepare a draft Annual Report and the annual budget for the timely submission by the Director to the Governing Board through the Executive Committee;
  • Assist the Director in supporting the Governing Board and the Executive Committee in their work by bringing to their attention the EIT’s strategic needs.


  • Oversee the core operational activities of the EIT to implement the EIT budget and deploy the necessary financial and human resources;
  • Oversee in an efficient and effective manner the internal processes necessary to select new KICs and supervise operations of existing KICs;
  • Oversee the activities of operational units of the EIT, in particular the units for Innovation Communities and Strategy and Impact;
  • Oversee activities necessary to secure compliance with internal control standards in general and risk management assessments connected to grants and procurements in particular;
  • Contribute to the financial and operational management in the area of responsibility, including procurements, implementation of contracts, payments and reporting;
  • Foster cohesion and alignment across EIT Units and services;
  • Deputising the Director in his absence.

The jobholder may be asked to carry out any other tasks as deemed necessary in the interest of the service within the remit of the level of responsibility.