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The EIT RawMaterials Awareness Day organised in Portugal with BGI


Raising awareness about the challenges and the opportunities of the raw materials industry

Building Global Innovators (BGI) and EIT RawMaterials – the world’s largest consortium in the raw materials sector – announced an event dedicated to the raw materials industry in Portugal.

The EIT RawMaterials Awareness Day will be held in Lisbon, in person, at the Associação Industrial Portuguesa (AIP), on 23-24 September. The main goal of this event is to activate and raise awareness in the local ecosystem about the challenges and the opportunities of the raw materials industry, as well as to open the discussion about its transition to a more sustainable model.

The importance of this event comes in the context of Europe’s transition towards a circular, green, and digital economy with minerals, metals and advanced materials being the key enablers. With a European trade deficit of €26.4 billion in 2020, reducing dependence on imported raw materials is a priority, both to achieve the European Union’s carbon neutrality goals and to mitigate supply risks. In this way, the EIT RawMaterials Awareness Day, promoted by BGI, aims to act as an engine to seize business opportunities for start-ups, companies and investors in the Portuguese raw materials industry, in order to boost innovation, education, and entrepreneurship in the sector. BGI and EIT RawMaterials are also pleased to announce the presence of the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, who will open the event on 23 September.

The event is designed for start-ups, investors, companies, incubators, accelerators and universities. All information regarding the agenda as well as the registration form can be found following the link below.

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EIT RawMaterials and GBI