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Andreia Fernandes of EIT InnoEnergy Portugal recognised as sustainable transition leader

Andreia Fernandes, Country Manager at EIT InnoEnergy Portugal, has been honoured as one of 20 Portuguese personalities selected by Expresso Newspaper with EDP support to highlight her remarkable journey as part of the sustainable transition.

There is no transition to a sustainable world without information, but it is also impossible to achieve international goals without the support of technology and science. Andreia Fernandes, our Portuguese Country Manager, firmly believes in the importance of empowering people and companies to be agents of change.

I work daily with start-ups. We are the largest investor in technological innovation in clean energy in the world. In my view, sustainability and the empowerment of people involve them contributing and understanding why they will have a solar panel at home and what they can gain from it.

 Andreia Fernandes, Country Manager at EIT InnoEnergy Portugal

But more than creating new ways of performing old tasks in any sector, it is important that innovation is put at the service of the economy and society—and Andreia Fernandes has put this into practice through close work with municipalities and with industry. Perhaps for this reason, knowing the best practices in Portugal and Europe, the Country Manager of InnoEnergy in Portugal declares herself “optimistic” about the state of the planet at the end of this decade.

I see 2030 with a more sustainable world. The path is sustainability, and I believe we will have a mass adoption of renewable energies.

Andreia Fernandes, Country Manager at EIT InnoEnergy Portugal

While Andreia foresees, highlighting the country’s potential in solar, wind, and hydroelectric production, she also acknowledges that there are challenges to overcome to achieve environmental goals—particularly concerning people and businesses.