Belgium's Cloudalize joins EIT Digital Accelerator to drive cloud-based workspace growth

EIT Digital Cloudalize

Belgian scale-up Cloudalize, has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to reinforce its European development ambitions.

Cloudalize is the developer of the GPU Desktop-as-a-Service Platform, MyGDaaS Platform. It instantly deploys powerful cloud-based workspaces in a wide variety of performance models.

As a PREFERRED NVIDIA GRID Cloud Service Provider partner, Cloudalize markets its platform under a hybrid branded/white label model through different channels. MyGDaaS makes it perfect for any partner to use it to provide their customers with GPU powered virtual desktops that can turn every browser-enabled device into a powerful graphics workstation.

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By joining the EIT Digital Accelerator, Cloudalize will benefit from the support of the business developers of the Access to Market team, who will help Cloudalize achieve its objectives in the key European markets targeted.

Benny Willen, CEO of Cloudalize explains: 'At Cloudalize, our purpose is to provide workspaces and applications simply, instantly, and seamlessly to engineers and designers: anytime, anywhere, on any device. We are now expanding to an additional market, the gaming market, with a new MyGDaaS™ based white-label brand called PixelStellar. PixelStellar enables every gamer to play the latest high-end graphics games in ultimate graphics mode with a native experience, from any browser-capable low-end device, for just 1 euro per hour. We hope to benefit from the expertise of EIT Digital to help us take the next step in our development in Europe.'

About Cloudalize

Cloudalize is the developer of the GPU Desktop-as-a-Service Platform (MyGDaaS Platform). It is the first platform which instantly deploys powerful cloud-based workspaces in a wide variety of performance models. As such, MyGDaaS provides mobility to a wide range of computer users, including the most demanding power users, and elastic computing to IT organizations worldwide.

With MGDaaS, Cloudalize brings freedom to users of graphics-intensive and compute-intensive applications in industries such as architecture and construction, media and entertainment, and manufacturing. Professionals using heavy-duty computing for applications such as 3D, Big Data visualization, Computer Aided Design, BIM, video processing, VR, and many others, can now rent a powerful cloud-based workstation and pay by the hour. MyGDaaS is solely marketed through channel partners such as software vendors, service providers, telecoms providers and system integrators. Instant online trial available at

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