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Celebrating our Alumni for the International Day of Education

This year’s International Day of Education calls on us to use education to progress on our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year’s theme is also about investing in people and our alumni have been happy to share how we’ve invested in their education and their future in SDG-related fields.

We’d like to make today about them and their personal experience of our EIT Label education programmes. We’re constantly amazed at what our alumni and students are creating to fight climate change, innovate in healthcare, improve the social lives of their fellow citizens, and much more. We’ve designed our education programmes to nurture this talent by providing real-life experience within their chosen sectors, interdisciplinary perspectives, financial and research support, and a wide network of partners Europe-wide.

Tackling global challenges

Through our EIT Label, we make sure that our education partners are creating trainings and courses that guide learners towards topics with major future implications like clean energy, green agriculture, cities of the future, and more. More than ever, our learners at all levels are eager to do their part to fight the many crises we’re facing worldwide: climate change, resource exhaustion, pandemics, inequality, and social isolation, to name just a few.

We look at the entire value chain, from geo resource exploration till the end of life, recycling and reusing of this product.

Inara Kalina, alumna in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management



An international experience

Our programmes allow learners to experience university life at a much wider, more international scope. They get to travel across Europe and get real-life experience in their chosen sectors. That means time spent in more than one prestigious education institution and at least one business.

I have my best memories from when I’d been doing international mobility. It comes from the partnership that EIT Health has with Sorbonne University. In this experience, when I did international mobility, I learned a lot from the network and how to be in contact with the entrepreneurship system and environment. I would really recommend this programme because it provided me a new, different area that I never saw before.

Lisbet Doris Casavilca Ortega, alumna in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering



Combining entrepreneurial skills and technical knowledge

A huge goal of International Education Day is to invest in people. We believe we do just that when we provide our learners with skills in both their chosen STEM subjects and entrepreneurship. By graduation, our students can combine technical and business know-how to get their own start-up off the ground or become a top hire.

The EIT Label programme was better than any of the others I was offered so far because it was a real combination between tech skills – around 70% of the entire programme – and 30% business topics. And especially with the second, I was really able to understand the big picture of the industry and therefore be able to understand how to better address the needs of the market and got a satisfying job.

Daniele Montesi, alumnus in Data Science



EIT Alumni Community 

Elvira Sánchez, our alumna in Cyber Security, agrees about the usefulness of our interdisciplinary programmes. But it’s also an incredible way for her to get the best student life experience and create connections that will stay with her after graduation. Members of our Alumni Community encourage and empower each other to make a positive difference in the world.

Meeting so many people that motivate you to be better – and they’re so smart so you can pick their brains – that’s been a huge learning experience. Doing the Master’s in Cyber Security led me to my job right now. I would recommend the programme to others because it is very interdisciplinary; you can choose some of the best universities in Europe.

Elvira Sánchez, alumna in Cyber Security


Working for industry leaders

We work hard to make our learners indispensable assets in sustainable tech. EIT Label graduates enter the workforce with strong certifications and CVs. This gives them the best chance possible of quickly finding fulfilling jobs after graduation at global market leader companies.

I studied sustainable energy systems, and I’m very interested in energy and climate transition on a system level. I think all my lessons from that degree are directly relevant to my current job at Tesla, where I’m responsible for business, intelligence, and data analysis in their circular solutions. So, for instance, battery recycling and the strategy behind that and the data analysis.

Markus Liski, alumnus in Sustainable Energy Systems



We’re expanding our selection of education opportunities on our new EIT Campus, where new learners can easily find the courses and trainings that are right for them. Our doors are open to anyone at any point of their careers who’d like to contribute to a sustainable future. They can look forward to joining a network that’s eager to invest in their chosen paths and give them the best possible learning experience.

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