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EIT Digital Accelerator alumnus Sentryo raises €10 Million in a Series A fundraising round

EIT Digital alumnus Sentryo raises €10 Million

Sentryo's ICS CyberVision award winning platform gives control engineers comprehensive visibility on their industrial control systems, detects anomalies and accelerates response to cybersecurity incidents keeping them ahead of cyber threats.

The EIT Digital Accelerator is proud to have its alumnus French scale-up, Sentryo, making a huge step forward with raising EUR 10 million in a Series A fundraising. The round was raised in two stages with four new investors: Sopra Steria and BNP Paribas Development in the first half of 2018 and Omnes and Alliance Entreprendre in November 2018. Investors from the first seed round also participated in this series: Breed Reply, ACE Management and Kreaxi. To date, Sentryo has raised EUR 13 million.

Sentryo joined the EIT Digital Accelerator after winning the EIT Digital Challenge 2014 in the Digital Infrastructure category, and helps organisations embrace the promises of Industry 4.0 innovations by keeping their industrial operations safe from cyber-attacks

'Since the beginning, EIT Digital had understood the very high potential of Sentryo. Corporates are facing huge challenges regarding their cybersecurity infrastructures. Sentryo delivers an operational security capacity to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks,' says Daniel Michel, Head of Access to Finance at EIT Digital. 'When they joined our accelerator, they wanted to become a French-German scaleup. We helped them secure their first fundraising and scale Europe wide.'


Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity is a fast-growing market. Organisations are connecting their control systems to the world as they are leveraging digitalisation to transform their industrial operations, but they have not been designed to handle cyber-attacks. As they are increasing their exposure to cyber risk, they must gain in-depth visibility on what's going on, track anomalies to mitigate risks and detect critical events.

About Sentryo

Sentryo is the pioneer in solutions dedicated to managing the cyber risk of M2M networks and industrial control systems. Sentryo's ICS CyberVision empowers operation engineers as the front line of defense to ensure integrity, continuity and security of their industrial processes. It leverages unique AI algorithms to give them comprehensive visibility on their industrial assets so they can easily identify vulnerabilities, detect anomalies in real time and work with IT to fight cyber-attacks. Sentryo's ICS CyberVision is used every day by large corporations in the energy, manufacturing and transportation markets. Sentryo is headquartered in France and has a worldwide presence including offices and partners in Europe, North and South America, Middle-East and Asia.