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EIT Digital supported 3D Locator Creation Software Module ready for the market

EIT Digital 3D Locator Creation Software Module

The automotive industry can greatly benefit from the tool

DeskArtes, partner of EIT Digital's OEDIPUS High Impact Initiative, officially announced the launch of the "3D Locator Creation Software Module" at the Formnext 2018 trade fair, which took place between 13 and 16 November in Frankfurt. The OEDIPUS High Impact Initiative focuses on automating the creation of 3D Locators and increasing their packing efficiency. 


The 3D Locator Creation Module creates 3D Locator designs directly from the digital model of a component. This makes sure that the packing efficiency of the 3D Locator is the best it can be and also speeds up the whole process: as a result, the development of separator plates drops from weeks to just hours, thus giving a very quick ROI for companies interested in sustainable manufacturing.

'Within the current EIT Digital initiative, DeskArtes has developed a new software tool to better organise components when transporting them from the supplier to the car manufacturer. Our 3D Locator software tool provides functions to position and overlap components effectively in a container using specially designed separators between the component layers' DeskArtes's managing director, Ismo Mäkelä said.

The separators enable accurate picking of components with automatic tools, like AGV and robot systems, as well as increasing the number of components in containers up to 30 percent. This will lead to increased efficiency within the car assembly line and to saving natural resources when transferring components from supplier locations all around the world.

3DS Concept

DeskArtes has been working on the 3D Locator module together with other OEDIPUS partners: Aalto University, CRF and CEA