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EIT Digital launches four new digital transformation Masterclasses for managers

EIT Digital launches four new digital transformation Masterclasses for managers

EIT Digital Professional School is offering four new masterclasses targeting business professionals in all sectors of the economy.

Any manager in any company or organisation should be aware of the novel digital innovations that can challenge the way business has been done so far. This is the adage under which EIT Digital is launching four new masterclasses in collaboration with renowned partners.

The EIT Digital Professional School has a reputation for enhancing the digital skills of business professionals in all sectors of the economy.  According to McKinsey (2018) companies with digital-savvy leaders are more likely to achieve digital transformation success with and within their companies.

The global digital economy is becoming a fact. Digitalisation is changing the way business is done. Therefore, in line with EIT Digital's mission to build a strong digital Europe, we want to educate the current and aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to recognise business opportunities in emerging technologies to keep ahead. After all, in today's rapidly changing world, everybody is a lifelong student.

Asja Kamenica - Head of the EIT Digital Professional School

Applied Data Science Bootcamp

Applied Data Science Bootcamp, produced by EIT Digital's partner Bright Cape from The Netherlands, is the first course of the new classes that had been developed this year. In this all-round and intensive online training in November, managers directly get hands-on with their data brought from their business.

Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics

Besides the existing course Blockchain for the decision-maker, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics comes with the masterclass Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics. This class, scheduled for December, focuses on the application opportunities of blockchain-driven solutions in digital manufacturing and logistics and will also be given entirely online in November.

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in Food Processing

The master class Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in Food Processing, given in December, provides deeper insights into digitalisation and industry 4.0 for the food industry. The producers, Campden BRI Hungary, CNR, and ELTE University's Faculty of Informatics offer before the two-day online training class an online course to prepare for the basics knowledge.

Sustainable Digital Innovation

The last of the four new masterclasses is called Sustainable Digital Innovation. As the name already suggests this four-days class will help you embrace sustainability with digital solutions into your business planning and product development. These first two days of the course will be taught at KTH Executive School in Stockholm and the last two days at Fraunhofer IPK in Berlin. The dates for this masterclass will be announced shortly.

With these new masterclasses, the EIT Digital Professionals school currently has eleven courses on offer. The other courses are:

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The EIT Digital Professional School supports the digital transformation of companies and organisations by creating a learning ecosystem. The initiative is powered by continuing education courses, specially designed to provide critical digital knowledge, insights and skills to European professionals and executives, leveraging the EIT Digital Focus Areas and partners' research activities.