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EIT Food: Apply now for the EIT RIS Fellowships project!

EIT Food EIT RIS Fellowships

Get a unique, professional, paid three-month internships and reveal your talent in agri-food sector.

Thirty students and graduates with different educational backgrounds from EIT RIS countries will discover job opportunities in the food industry, by getting unique, professional, paid three-month internships within the framework of the EIT Food RIS Fellowships project. Unlike other scholarship projects, the students and graduates will reveal their talents in the agri-food sector through gaining hands-on experiences and strengthening their job-related skills, including analytical thinking and creative problem solving. 

During a multi-step recruitment process, candidates will not only learn how to professionally prepare an outstanding LinkedIn profile but also will actively participate in unique networking and case study solving workshops led by EIT Hubs. The selected best 30 talents will get internships in different areas of operations in EIT Food consortium companies or RisingFoodStars companies. Interns will take learning-by-doing activities by solving real problematic situations that the companies are facing. All interns will be provided with a scholarship of 1 000 EUR gross monthly.

The EIT Food RIS Fellowships project is organized by: University of Warsaw (Poland), AZTI Foundation (Spain), PepsiCo (UK), Puratos (Belgium), Maspex (Poland) with support of EIT Food.

How to apply?

In order to be eligible for the EIT Food RIS Fellowships, please use the LinkedIn platform.Y our LinkedIn profile needs to be in English. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you should create the perfect one and share your one-minute presentation video. Ask to join one of the 13 EIT RIS Fellowships groups, depending on the location of your study:

The deadline for application is 30 April.


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