EIT InnoEnergy Call for Partnerships is now open

EIT InnoEnergy is currently looking for Partnerships operating as regional Points of Contacts (POC) in the following countries:

Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania and Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey.

KICStart! Partner’s applications are accepted on a rolling basis with a quarterly review process held with submission dates in the last day of January, April, July and November. The applications will be reviewed in a 20 days period and results will be published online.

DEADLINE - 12 December 2016.

Regional POC’s role
  • Act as a local presence of EIT InnoEnergy and represent its brand.
  • Identify, capture, and support promising teams, ventures startups and innovators.
  • Provide initial coaching.
  • Host and promote co-branded events (i.e. KICkoff Competition), as well as participate in external events on behalf of EIT InnoEnergy.
  • Organise a series of co-branded meetings/workshops.
  • Engage investors and industry contacts to promote EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio of assets.
  • Actively participate in EIT InnoEnergy’s network.
How to apply/application process
  1. Send a completed application form to apply@innoenergy.com.
  2. Arrange a video call with EIT InnoEnergy representatives in order to discuss all the potential synergies.*
  3. Personally meet EIT InnoEnergy's team and further discuss our expectations, list of proposed activities and co-financing schemes.*

In case you need assistance at any point of the application process, please feel free to contact InnoEnergy at: apply@kic-innoenergy.com.

*Successful applicants that passed the initial selection process will be reached out to directly.

Evaluation and selection of partners

InnoEnergy is a value driven organisation. In your application focus on presenting evidence of the following merits:

  • Track record and engagement in the local energy and innovation ecosystem through past projects within the industry, local government and investor partnerships
  • Past experience in providing business support to entrepreneurs that build business on innovation.
  • Relevant team capabilities and how they are complementary to each other.
  • Network base of industry representatives, venture investors and other relevant contacts in the portfolio.
  • Services offered to the startup community and research innovators.
  • Capability of development its activities at the European level.
  • Financial and strategic sustainability.

Download the Application Form here.

KICStart is an initiative funded through the European Institute of Innovation & Technology's Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS), which is a framework developed to increase the innovation capacity in regions in Europe not directly benefitting from the EIT or InnoEnergy activities.