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EIT InnoEnergy invests in Tribonex to reduce energy loss and mechanical wear

EIT InnoEnergy has invested in Tribonex, a Swedish scale-up offering surface treatment methods for friction and wear reduction in industrial applications.

Estimates suggest that roughly 20% of the global energy use is lost to overcome friction in various applications such as EV drive trains, gearboxes, pumps, and compressors. Friction not only results in significant energy losses, but also leads to wear, shortening both maintenance intervals and lifespan of industrial equipment. Additionally, friction generates heat, which often requires cooling systems. Tribonex provides patented, scalable and cost-effective surface treatments to reduce friction and wear - enabling their customers across various industries to cut operational expenses, prolong the lifespan of equipment, and reduce failure rates. 

We have during several years followed the progress by the Tribonex team and we are highly impressed by the accelerating market traction driven by their recent achievements in improving the technology to be even more scalable and suitable also for components with complex geometries, such as gears. Friction and wear are universal problems in many industries and represent a huge potential to cut carbon emissions. Closing part of the remaining gap to 100% drive train efficiency in EV´s and decreasing both losses and failure rates in wind power turbines are only a few examples where we see Tribonex can make a difference.

Markus Berglund, Investment Manager at EIT InnoEnergy in Stockholm.

Partnering with InnoEnergy signifies more than just a financial investment. It is about sharing a belief in the transformative power of our surface treatment solutions. We see great opportunities in the transition that the automotive and other industries are currently undergoing, where they strive for efficient solutions with minimized energy consumption and material waste. This collaboration not only provides us with the resources to drive forward and establish our solutions in the market, but also reaffirms the significance and potential of our work in the industry. We are set on a path of innovation, and with InnoEnergy by our side, we are more confident than ever that our solutions will set new benchmarks for a sustainable tomorrow.

Christian Kolar, Tribonex co-founder and CEO