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EIT Manufacturing and ‘Digital Twins’ improving tomorrow’s manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing and ‘Digital Twins’ improving tomorrow’s manufacturing

TWINGOALS is one of EIT Manufacturing’s 2020 projects, aiming at bringing a more accurate solution to virtually represent manufacturing processes, machines and flows.

TWINGOALS, is an acronym formed by ‘digital twin’ and ‘sustainable development goals’, which refers to the capability of digital twins to push industry among the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

In the industry, digital twins are used to model production processes, and are helpful in testing and fine-tuning and optimising productivity and quality, while reducing the overall consumption of energy and raw materials.

Our solution will be unique in the sense that TWINGOALS will take into account several simulation and modelling strategies of cutting processes and production equipment and merge them all in a single platform, to benefit from the best of each.

Joseba Bilbatua - Project leader, Mondragon Corporation

So far, the project has finished the requirement specifications, conducted a feasibility study including the EU environmental technology verification ETC, produced several demos and conducted some proof of concepts in the pilots. A go-to-market strategy and exploitation plan is scheduled for 2021.

The TWINGOALS solution will be tailored to the automotive industry as its primary user, and with the machine building industry as a secondary market. In addition, the CAM software sector have expressed interest in the process simulations developed in the project. The project is led by Mondragon Corporation, involving Siemens, Volvo, Chalmers University of Technology, Ideko and Moduleworks.

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