EIT RawMaterials: sustainabill collaborates with FOND OF for more transparency in the textile supply chain

EIT RawMaterials sustainabill

sustainabill won over FOND OF as a lead customer for their cloud-platform.

sustainabill, a start-up supported by EIT RawMaterials, is the cloud-platform to make supply chains transparent and thereby enabling the responsible manufacturing of products. Transparency in the supply chain is the basis to secure that social and ecological production outcomes are improved continuously.With the help of the sustainabill platform supply chains can be discovered until the source, displayed with revolutionary accuracy and analysed regarding sustainability performance and risks..

FOND OF has been revolutionising the market for schoolbags, backpacks and bags since 2010. In the upcoming future, the backpack manufacturer is going to use the platform for its eight brands, making materials from polyester and cotton, among others, more transparent. FOND OF already has valuable practical expertise in this direction, for which they were awarded with the German sustainability award and the German CSR award (in the category “supply chain”) in 2016 and 2017.

'This is a starting point for us to further increase the transparency of our supply chain further, together with sustainabill and our suppliers.'  said Dr Julian Conrads, Corporate Responsibility expert at FOND OF.

For sustainabill the partnership with the currently around 200 employee strong former startup FOND OF is an important step for the cloud-platform's development.

Besides the textile industry, sustainabill is extending its platform to other key branches like food and beverages, furniture, and consumer electronics. In this journey, the renowned Wuppertal Institute, partner of EIT RawMaterials, is standing by sustainabill’s side as a partner. sustainabill evolved beginning of 2017 out of the biggest international think tank in the field of sustainable transformation.

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