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All the videos from the 2018 EIT Information Day

EIT Information Day

The EIT Information Day was held for the 2018 Call for Proposals for two new Innovation Communities, EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Manufacturing.

The EIT Information Day on 13 February 2018 gave innovators interested in forming one of these Innovation Communities an unrivalled opportunity to hear what’s needed and what’s expected directly from representatives of the EIT, the existing Innovation Communities, and several Directorates General from the European Commission.

Watch the videos from the EIT Information Day below.

Morning sessions

Jean-Philippe Gammel, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Tibor Navracsics

Begoña Arano, Head of Unit, Innovation and the EIT, DG EAC 

The EIT’s mission, priorities and future outlook - Martin Kern, EIT Interim Director

Powering innovators in a unique European innovation ecosystem - Rajai Aghabi, CEO, EOLOS Floating LIDAR Solutions

Becoming an Innovation Community - Márton Herczeg, Head of Unit Impact and Strategy, EIT

The EIT funding model and grant cycle - Dávid Tas, Head of Section Grant Assurance, EIT

The EIT monitoring framework - Michal Gorzynski, Head of Section Impact, EIT

What makes a successful EIT Innovation Community? - Panel discussion with Mathea Fammels (EIT) Manuel Irun Molina (EIT) and Thorsten Koenig (EIT Food)

Afternoon session: Synergies and Complementarities between the EIT Community and other EU Policy and Funding Instruments

Katerina Sereti, Policy Officer, EIT

Henriette Van-Eijl, Policy Officer, DG MOVE

Olivier Chassagne, Policy Officer, DG GROW

Gauthier Grousset, Policy Officer, DG EAC

Beate Greinjert, Policy Officer, DG REGIO

Neville Reeve, Policy Officer, DG RTD

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