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EIT Urban Mobility is now a part of the Smart Cities Marketplace

EIT Urban Mobility is happy to announce that it will be a part of a 10-partner consortium led by for the management of the Smart Cities Marketplace.

The Smart Cities Marketplace is a major market-changing undertaking that aims to bring cities, industries, SMEs, investors, researchers, and other smart city actors together, to advance the market for smart and sustainable city solutions.

The project aims to improve citizens’ quality of life and the competitiveness of European cities and industry as well as reach European energy and climate targets while ensuring a mutual level playing field for all smart city stakeholders within the European regulatory framework. By involving different stakeholders, with different knowledge and experience, the Smart Cities Marketplace aims also at being a catalyst for innovative economic and financial approaches capable to help the post-pandemic recovery phase.

EIT Urban Mobility ‘s vision of making urban mobility sustainable cannot be achieved without the critical dialogue between diverse actors of the innovation ecosystem. This productive dialogue and development of collaborative projects of cities, innovators, and investors represent a key mission of the Smart Cities Marketplace. EIT Urban Mobility will connect innovators, investors, and cities in order to develop high-quality, close-to-market projects by contributing with expertise in matchmaking and knowledge management.

Being a leader in digital matchmaking, EIT Urban Mobility launched the Mobility Innovation Marketplace in November 2021, with the platform growing rapidly both in terms of the number of visitors and content over the past year. EIT Urban Mobility and its Marketplace team are ready to provide their expertise to help thrive the Smart Cities Marketplace and to provide a growing number of innovative solutions to cities for the sake of accelerating the transition towards more sustainability.

The EIT Urban Mobility is very excited to embark on this journey together with all the consortium partners!

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