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EIT Open Day Copenhagen: Rewilding the cities


Rewilding the cities – Giving back space formerly occupied by traffic

Mobility is becoming smart – multimodal, self-driving, service-based – all with the aim of removing privately owned cars from the city landscape. Today a large share of public space in cities is taken by cars, and as they disappear this space will be free to use.

This is an opportunity to bring nature back into our cities. Nature for the well of human beings and for biodiversity. Cities of the future need not be in opposition to nature. They need to become nature themselves. They need to become regenerative.

Join EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Climate KIC at the Danish Architecture Centre on 5 October for an Open Day organised as part of INNOVEIT to discuss the question: How can we embrace radical innovation and Rewild our Cities?

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To kickstart this discussion renowned biologist and a thought leader on innovation-beyond-the-usual Leen Gorissen will be presenting on how natural intelligence can be used to respond to the current climate emergency and transform cities.

Leen holds a Ph.D. in Biology, is specialised in ecology, transition science, regenerative development and bio-inspired innovation. She is the author of the recent book ‘Building the Future of Innovation on millions of years of Natural Intelligence’ and the founder of Centre4NI, a catalyst that helps organizations and businesses to innovate like nature. She is a frequently asked evaluator of innovation projects by the European Commission, a thought leader on innovation for a better world, a practitioner of regenerative design and a strategist and business innovation process facilitator. She has worked for a broad range of clients and organized bio-inspired innovation sessions in cities across the world. From 2009-2017, Leen worked as a Transition Research Coordinator at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO Belgium). 

INNOVEIT is the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)‘s flagship annual event. The open day is an opportunity to learn about the work of the EIT.