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JA Europe: These are the winners of the Green Manufacturing Award 2024

Gen-E 2024 is Europe’s largest entrepreneurship event, where thousands of young entrepreneurs, showcase their cutting–edge business ideas and compete for the titles of best Company and best Start-Up of the year.

During the 2023-24 school year, JA students across Europe participated in online Gen-E activities, created their Virtual Expo stands, and applied for prestigious awards. In addition to Main Awards, various organisations offer Online Awards across multiple categories.

This year, EIT Manufacturing honored teams with the Green Manufacturing Award by EIT Manufacturing for developing innovative products or services that minimise natural resource use, reduce pollution and waste, recycle and reuse materials, and/or create new processes to lower manufacturing resources and moderate emissions. This award was open to both Upper-Secondary and University level participants.

Throughout the school year, the increasing online engagement of JA youth across Europe was evident through the #Gen_E Online Awards and Virtual Expo. A record-breaking total of more than 1 000 JA businesses applied for Online Awards in 2024. Among these, the Green Manufacturing Award by EIT Manufacturing was one of the most popular, receiving over 280 applications and becoming one of the most competitive and challenging awards to win!

The jury members evaluated all applications based on their level of innovation (to what extend the company uses novel application of materials and resources and/or new manufacturing processes) and sustainability (to what extent the company considers the entire value chain and life cycle of their product or service, including conception, supply and/or manufacturing as well as responsible consumption and/or disposal).

These JA companies are the winners of the Green Manufacturing Award 2024 by EIT Manufacturing:

Upper-Secondary Level: EM-PAX-Bulgaria from Bulgaria – for their E-MOSS solution, an innovative chimney filter made from living organisms which aims to decrease carbon dioxide levels in the air! 

University Level: Arctech Robotics from Norway – for their exceptional solution combining an x-ray sensor and a delta robot, to efficiently and safely remove batteries from the conveyor belt!

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