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Pitch competition for Energy Business Camp 2019, supported by EIT InnoEnergy

Energy Business Camp 2019 by EIT InnoEnergy

Win the pitch competition and earn a spot at the Energy Business Camp.

Today’s creative ideas are tomorrow’s successful start-ups – and precisely what’s needed to drive innovation in the energy sector. If you have a good idea, this is your time to shine. See how far you can take it and win the chance to participate at the annual Energy Business Camp! The camp will take place between 24 -and 28 July 2019 in Karlsruhe, Germany and is supported by EIT InnoEnergy and AXEL - The Energy Accelerator.

EIT InnoEnergy & AXEL – The Energy Accelerator

EIT InnoEnergy Master’s School has teamed up with AXEL - The Energy Accelerator to create this comprehensive four day summer camp on energy business creation. Christos Klamouris, Sr. Project Manager shared, 'Many energy engineers have great ideas – but they can be too focused on one main technical part, have a hard time involving others in their vision, or even can be unable to see the ‘big picture’. Therefore, they lack the ability to bring their ideas to market. This is why we focus on these students at this stage when we can help them the most by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to develop their ideas into promising business models'.

As participant Christos Karliampas (Politecnico di Milano) shared at last year’s camp, 'Studying at a technical university is giving me the high-tech education to develop ideas, but I’m not learning how to present them so I can attract investors. This is what I’m learning here.' 

Entrepreneurial experience in the Energy Centre of Germany

The winners of this pitch competition will gather in Karlsruhe, at the heart of the German 'Energiewende' – to put their best ideas, technical know-how, entrepreneurial savvy and team-working skills to the test. They will network with fellow participants, experts and mentors; and develop their storytelling and pitching skills. Fully immersed in this engaging atmosphere – attendees will experience all the highs, lows, fun and pressure that energy entrepreneurs face daily.

Last year participants came together and competed in teams, to bring the most promising ideas to life with the added incentive of a great prize – a Formula E race in Rome! They had the following insights to share about their experience:

Valeria Maksimovich (Brno University of Technology) – 'When I came up with the idea for ENERGRAM – a platform which analyses, make predictions and summarizes energy data in the backend and as a frontend energy social network – I didn’t know if it could be made “real”. My time in Karlsruhe helped me to develop my idea and make it real! My idea won first prize, but more importantly, it made me understand its business potential. As for camp, I met so many great people in Karlsruhe and had so much fun. I will definitely apply this year with a brand-new idea and test it there.'

Dimitris Giouroukos (National Technical University of Athens) – 'The camp was such a valuable experience for me, especially as it was my first time abroad. I acquired skills and knowledge I will definitely find useful in my future career. Also, I met people from around the globe I wouldn’t have otherwise. The prize from last year, the Formula E race, was really special. I also had the chance to visit the beautiful city of Rome, something I have always wanted to do.'

Artem Svetstroi (National Technical University of Ukraine 'Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute') – 'The ability to participate in such a great camp was the best thing to happen to me last year.  I am really happy to have had this opportunity to experience such a thing in my lifetime.'

Pitch for a spot!

Join other talented minds from around the globe as you pitch your best idea to win a spot at the Energy Business Camp 2019. Simply create and submit a three-minute long video pitch or short PowerPoint presentation that shares your idea for an innovative, sustainable energy product or service. The competition is open to all present and prospective Master’s students, as well as Bachelor students studying a technical programme.

Could your idea be a winner? Find out! 

Complete an application and get your pitch in by 31 May 2019.