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Some of the top ways the EIT Community stays financially sustainable

The EIT model relies on Knowledge and Innovation Communities striving to achieve financial sustainability. This good practices report will show you how they do it.

The EIT Community's ultimate goal is to see its different innovation networks achieve full financial independence from the EIT Grant and the ability to keep growing purely on their own. Each of them -- built around solving a global challenge -- have the freedom to choose how they want to go about doing that. Some prefer to operate much like the companies they support. Others structured themselves as non-profits laser-focused on their societal role. Each have developed unique ways to achieve their independence. 

Our latest report on their good practices will showcase some of the ways our innovation communities balance their global challenge mission and financial sustainability aims:

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In these pages, you'll see:

  • EIT Urban Mobility's partnership with European cities to help them attract waves of innovative solutions tested and tailored to their different urban environments
  • EIT Health's close collaboration with the European Innovation Council (EIC) to help innovators get easy access to the EIT and EIC's business support programmes
  • EIT Digital's work with the European Investment Fund (EIF) to defer student tuition payment and make it easier for them to access and repay EIT Digital courses