What was 2018's most popular news?

2018 brought big news and inspiring innovations from the EIT Community. 

Let’s find out which ones were the most read by our website visitors...

Tenth place goes to the EIT continuing to make it big in Forbes. In 2018, the EIT Community scored nine successes across three categories. 



EIT Food places ninth with 15 new start-ups joining the EIT Food RisingFoodStars community. Great to see so many visitors interested in the future of a highly impactful sector, the European agrifood system.


The eighth is the announcement of three new Governing Board members by the European Commission: three women, with strong business and innovation backgrounds, from Central and Eastern Europe. Good news for the EIT in terms of gender and geographical balance!


In seventh place is a success story by one of our Innovation Communities: EIT Food announced the 41 start-ups who joined its FAN acceleration programme



The election of the new EIT Governing Board Chairman, Dirk Jan van den Berg made it to sixth place. ‘I look forward to the exciting challenge of leading the EIT Community to achieve its mission of empowering Europe’s entrepreneurs and innovators', he commented.


The fifth follows the line of the previous with the European Commission appointing three new Governing board members .  Former EIT Governing Board Chairman, Peter Olesen, said: ‘I am delighted to welcome the newly appointed members of the EIT Governing Board. They bring a diverse set of strengths and experience to the Board’.


The fourth most read news item is the one about eight of the top ten most innovative universities in Europe being EIT Community partners. The news came from a news agency as big as Reuters. So proud!



In third place is the news item on the EIT Awards winners. For the first time, the EIT Woman Award was introduced and the public could choose their favourite innovator with the EIT Public Award with thousand of votes cast across Europe.



Following on that, second place goes to the announcement of the EIT Awards nominees. No surprise so many wanted to find out who was selected as one of Europe's most talented entrepreneurs. 



And the most-read news item of the year is....‘EIT announces two winning innovation communities in manufacturing and urban mobility’. This was indeed a true milestone in the EIT's history. EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobilitymade up of leading universities, cities, business and manufacturing giants, will address the pressing challenges of making Europe a competitive global actor in the manufacturing sector and building smarter transport systems across the Continent.


 What almost made the top 10?


EIT Digital-supported Navya got to Initial Public Offering (IPO) registration. This was a first in EIT Digital's history.




EIT InnoEnergy playing a pivotal role within the European Battery Alliance, and being asked by EU Commission Vice-President, Maroš Šefčovič, ‘to continue its groundwork in partnership with the EU industry, academia, and financial sectors’.



16 start-ups being selected for EIT Health Accelerator Product/Market Fit, which helps start-ups expand beyond their borders. Innovations needs to overcome borders, which entails understanding new regulations, different cultures and unknown sets of market realities.


The announcement of the 30 most investor-ready cleantech companies from the EIT Climate-KIC’s start-up accelerator.  Being the world’s largest cleantech start-up accelerator, competition was fierce.



The need for batteries with higher capacity, lower costs, higher cyclability and greater safety is urgent. EIT RawMaterials-supported project ALIM (Advanced Lithium-metal electrodes) is helping commercialise CRM-free batteries for electrical vehicles and stationary applications. 



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