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City Enabler for Digital Urban Services (CEDUS)


A smart city platform that enables cities to provide a whole range of new services 

The promise of smart cities is built upon vast quantities of data, with Gartner predicting that there will be 25 billion things connected to the Internet by 2020, generating 600 zettabytes (1021 bytes) of data per year. Value can only be derived from this data if it’s coordinated, consolidated and communicated in a way that drives more effective decision-making. 

That was the challenge Italian engineer Lanfranco Marasso set himself in 2016 when he created City Enabler for Digital Urban Services (CEDUS) in partnership with EIT Digital. Their platform, which is FIWARE based, aims to help municipalities organise, coordinate, and manage the data that is being produced within their city.

The technology has already been deployed in Trento, Malaga and Rennes, with ambitious plans to spread throughout Europe and further afield. The EIT has played a crucial role in helping both set up pilot projects and disseminate the results of those projects throughout Europe.

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