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Big data aggregation for better healthcare

The EIT Health-supported Disqover is a unique data aggregator to support decision-making in healthcare. The platform facilitates access to information and democratises big data for citizens, hospitals and companies who can easily find the right schools, therapies, doctors, and treatment. Created by Ontoforce, Disqover aggregates data from various sources (public, third-party or private big data). It presents this data on an intuitive platform where it can be easily interpreted and used. Once the system understands the semantics of the data and searches, it automatically generates the correct interface, presenting complex, seemingly unrelated data in a simple, connected manner.

EIT Community support

EUR 72 000

Funding obtained

EUR 8.8 million

Key successes

  • EIT Health’s top prize for digital innovation
  • EIT Health catapult winner 2016
  • EIT Health GoGlobal 2017
  • EIT Venture Award 2017
  • EYs scale-up of the year 2018

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