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AWARD platform


Automating warehousing and last-mile delivery

EIT Digital-supported AWARD platform increases efficiency of the logistics process from warehouse to last-mile delivery. The easy to implement solution uses intelligent planning algorithms, machine learning and smart robotics (i.e. drones and AGVs). The AWARD solution will be able to coordinate a fleet of autonomous vehicles using advanced planning and scheduling techniques to improve productivity and reduce the costs of logistics operators in dealing with movement of goods within a warehouse and in preparation for last mile delivery in areas where traditional solutions are expensive. Further developments in 2019 include integration with AGV and unmanned aerial vehicles for last mile delivery.

Partners: ​​​​​​Ferrovial Corporacion,S.A., University of Surrey, Fundación Centro de Innovación de Infraestructuras Inteligentes, Ferrovial Servicios S.A.

EIT Community support

This is an innovation project of EIT Digital with a budget of EUR 825 663 in 2019.


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