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Owkin harnesses AI to boost the quality and reduce the time it takes to identify treatments for patients, run clinical trials, and develop new diagnostics in clinical practice. 

The French company is currently building a network of privacy-enhanced patient data to generate AI-ready datasets. Owkin is also building a collaborative platform that will make research-grade biomedical data searchable and will connect academic partners with each other and with data scientists.

An EIT Health Gold Track Graduate

EIT Health selected Owkin along with four other start-ups in June 2021 as one of the most viable innovative businesses in its competitive Gold Track workshop. As one of the chosen five, Owkin received individualised and tailored mentoring by industry giants in EIT Health's network. 

Start-ups who make it to this stage of EIT Health's Gold Track commit to achieving ambitious milestones with the continuous support of their dedicated mentor. At the end of each work phase, start-ups report back to a Gold Track Expert Council to discuss achievements, adjust goals, and assess eligibility to progress to the next phase of support. Start-ups that prove their potential can undergo as many as three phases of goal-oriented mentorship, for a total of one year of Gold Track support.

Soon after its Gold Track experience, Owkin secured a USD 180 million equity investment from healthcare giant Sanofi in support of oncology efforts with their digital clinical research platform. This investment pushed Owkin over the USD 1 billion valuation threshold to become a "unicorn".