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Call for expression of interest to participate in EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs 2022 – food producers from Poland

EIT Food is looking for food producers from Poland willing to participate in EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs 2022 and be involved in the development of innovative, healthy and plant-based snacks for young people.

Consumer Engagement Labs are pre-competitive co-creation sessions carried out by a relatively coherent group of consumers in a joint, physical/online place and limited in time, focused on the development of new product concepts. In 2022, the project involves pilot implementation of Labs that is addressing the needs of young people aged 15—19 (older adolescents). The aim of workshops is to propose innovative and healthy snacks for older adolescents. The products should be plant-based and sold as snacks that can be consumed without the need for further processing. Applications are invited from Poland only.

Application deadline: 28 April 2022, 11 am CET

Eligible organisations

Eligible organisations need to meet the following criteria:

  • A legal person (informal organizations/unregistered start-up teams are not eligible);
  • Operating in a country targeted by the Labs (confirmed by company registration address);
  • Incorporated as a company in January 2012 or later (10 or fewer years before the sessions, registration date will be confirmed by the registration certificate);
  • Having as beneficial owner(s), according to Central Register of Real Beneficiaries,  the citizen(s) or entities of the country targeted by the Labs;
  • A food producer (company manufacturing food; NACE code C10), focused on products for end consumers (not food ingredients or food-related services);
  • Willing to introduce a new food product from the snack category, designed as the outcome of the Labs in the collaboration with the Ffood retailer;
  • Not benefiting from funding offered by other EIT Food programs in the year(s) of the project implementation: 2021-2022 (beneficiaries who received EIT Food funding earlier are eligible);
  • Able to sign a subcontracting agreement with the EIT Food Co-Location Centre and act as a subcontractor in a project funded based on Horizon Europe/EIT modalities (EIT Food partners and Rising Food Stars members are not eligible);
  • Carrying out manufacturing operations on-site, leveraging own production equipment (in-house production, not outsourced);
  • Possessing knowledge, skills, and resources needed to carry out the subcontracted tasks.

Selection process

Interested and eligible organisations are invited to submit their applications by 28 April 2022, 11 am CET, using the attached EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs Application Form. Please send the electronic version of application, based on the attached template, to: Incomplete applications or applications submitted by ineligible organisations will be rejected.

Detailed selection criteria may be found in the attached Call document.

Below you can download the Call for EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs 2022, the application form and the agreement template.

Click to download