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EIT Climate-KIC launches new series of circular economy courses

EIT Climate-KIC is launching a new series of training programmes aiming to support participants in developing thinking around circularity and create circular strategies within their businesses and organisations. 

The training, which has been delivered yearly since 2019 by EIT Climate-KIC and partners, is based on the tools and research from Professor Dr. Fenna Blomsma, Chair of Circular Economy and Systems Innovation at the University of Hamburg.

The training, that will be delivered throughout Autumn 2021, will kick off with two “train-the-trainer” courses starting on 1 and 3 November 2021, will aim to help participants create a circular mindset and understand how to develop circular strategies, to in turn become leaders in training colleagues and stakeholders on this topic. The course uses practical tools developed for the programme including the Circularity Compass and Circularity Grid. The course has been divided into two separate  segments: one open to all participants from across the world (cost: 300 euros), and another subsidised and open to participants from EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) countries (cost: 50 euros).

Two additional training programmes will be launched later this year, which will focus on the use of the Circularity Thinking tools within the manufacturing and food sectors within RIS countries. These will allow participants to analyse material flows within their activities and create solutions that reduce resource use.

Who is the course for? 

The online training courses are open for anyone with an interest in circular economy, including practitioners, project managers, coaches and trainers, entrepreneurs, researchers and general members of the public. The train-the-trainer courses are specifically targeted at coaches and trainers who may go on to teach others in using the Circularity Thinking tools.

Programme outline

The online train-the-trainer courses are delivered in seven half-day workshops, and include a final workshop on creating blended learning approaches to complement the Circularity Thinking tools. Participants will be working in groups using the Circularity Thinking tools to create circular solutions to problems.

The online training for the food and manufacturing sectors will be delivered over three days and more information about dates will be released soon.

Duration and study level

25-30 hours of study including 2-3 hours for self-study for each of the workshop modules, as well as offline and group activities. Detailed knowledge of circular economy strategies is not required to take part, although a keen interest is desirable.

Gain approved trainer status

The courses will cover the competencies needed for trainers to apply to be part of EIT Climate-KIC’s approved pool of trainers for future delivery of Circularity Thinking tools. A final assessed submission will be required to gain this status. For participants wishing to apply to be an approved trainer, there is the need to submit a submission showing how you have implemented Circularity Thinking, as well as an additional 100 euros cost.

Click here to register for the train-the-trainer course (all participants – worldwide)

Click here to register for the train-the-trainer course (EIT RIS countries)