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EIT Urban Mobility Call for Proposals 2020 on Citizen Engagement and Regional Innovation Scheme

EIT Urban Mobility opens Call for Proposals for projects to be implemented in 2020 in the areas of Citizen Engagement and Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS).

Application deadline: 17 April 2020, 23:59 (UTC+1/CET)

This is an invitation to submit proposals that will help us to continue building on our portfolio of activities in 2020.

You can find the Call for Proposals 2020 document here. The document describes the goals and the process of the Call and outlines how activities will be selected. Furthermore, it will give you clarity on:

  • What we expect: Focus of this new Call for 2020
  • How we will evaluate and select proposals: Details on the evaluation and selection procedure and the applied criteria
  • What happens and when: Transparency on the timing of the entire process
  • Rules and eligibility: Guidance on financial and administrative issues, as well as eligibility criteria
  • Where to get help: We provide a summary of all key contact points for help and support

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Thematic areas of this new Call for Proposals 2020

EIT Urban Mobility seeks to attract proposals in the following thematic areas:

  • Citizen Engagement
  • Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)

Each thematic area is described in detail in the Call for Proposals 2020 document in chapter IV Overview of CfPs for the Business Plan 2020. The chapter provides information on the overall purpose of the specific thematic area, the setup/structure of the area, general criteria for the Call including eligibility and funding specifications, the general evaluation criteria and the specific focus of this year’s Call where applicable.

Citizen Engagement

There is already a lot of experience and knowledge among EIT Urban Mobility partners with regard to public engagement (involvement of citizens and end-users). To ensure real impact is achieved through the citizen engagement activities of EIT Urban Mobility, all these activities need to be aligned with the Strategic Agenda and contribute to the EIT Urban Mobility strategic objectives. A citizen engagement strategy can help to drive the citizen engagement activities towards the right direction. The knowledge and experiences on citizen engagement among EIT Urban Mobility partners serve as a basis for the citizen engagement strategy to be developed.  

In 2020 the focus will be placed on:

  • Collection of best practices of citizen engagement experiences within the EIT Urban Mobility’s partnership
  • Development of a citizen engagement strategy, that will provide guidance on how to implement citizen engagement activities and which will set the basis for related activities in the years that follow
  • Creation of a citizen engagement platform, which can serve for learning, exchange of knowledge and collection of best practices

Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)

EIT RIS focuses on countries with currently limited or no participation in the EIT Urban Mobility, where innovation capacity is moderate or modest and which otherwise would not be able to benefit from the experience gained within the EIT Urban Mobility Community.

RIS Calls have the goal to connect new stakeholders from the RIS countries in the following activity fields:

  • EIT Urban Mobility Hubs 2020
  • RIS innovation projects 2020
  • RIS projects connected to EIT Urban Mobility projects
  • RIS internship 2020

Submission of proposals

All proposals need to be submitted electronically using the standard templates, which will be made available beginning of March 2020 through this link.

Proposals need to be submitted by email.

Further information regarding submission is provided in Chapter III. 1 Proposal structure and submission of the Call document.

Questions related to the process, EIT definitions and requirements and other general aspects of the Call for Proposals can be addressed here.

EIT Urban Mobility Matchmaking event

To facilitate the development of innovative proposals, EIT Urban Mobility organises a Matchmaking event for the Call for Proposals for Activities to be implemented in 2020 and 2021, which will take place on 3-4 March 2020 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. More information can be found here.

Call for Proposals for Citizen Engagement and RIS Activities to be executed in 2020