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Park(ing) Day 2023, giving back the streets to the citizens


Park(ing) Day is an international event, organised annually in cities around the world that has one simple goal: to give the streets back to the citizen. Its aim is to reclaim the streets from cars and instead use them to promote public activities, such as art, music, and recreation. Park(ing) Day 2023 will be happening on 15 September in Barcelona, organised by ISGlobalEspai Ambiental Cooperativa and EIT Urban Mobility

The Park(ing) Day movement was born out of a desire to reclaim the streets from cars and instead create a new public space that could be used for a variety of activities. The event was started by a group of San Francisco-based activists who wanted to create a space for public activities that were free from the constraints of cars. They hoped that reclaiming the streets for public activities could create a more vibrant urban space and encourage more people to engage with their city.

The event is celebrated annually in cities around the world. Park(ing) Day focuses on showing how cities belong to the citizens, not cars. The idea is to encourage people to think differently about how they use public spaces and to create a sense of community among residents of a city.

EIT Urban Mobility organises Park(ing) Day 2023 in Barcelona

In Barcelona, Park(ing) Day is organised by ISGlobal, Espai Ambiental Cooperativa and EIT Urban Mobility, as part of their mission of putting the citizens at the centre of their activities. The event is designed to create an opportunity for citizens to come together and create a new vision for the city. Participants will be encouraged to think about how they can create a more sustainable and liveable city.

The event will also have a range of activities, such as discussions, music shows and workshops for kids. Park(ing) Day is a fantastic opportunity for citizens to come together and reclaim their streets. By joining this event, citizens can help create a better, more sustainable future for their city.

Participation at the event is free and open to all kinds of entities and groups. Individual citizens can also join a parklet.


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Organised by

ISGlobal, Espai Ambiental Cooperativa and EIT Mobility