The EIT Community presents: Closing the Skills Gap in Deep Tech for a Sustainable Europe

Join us on 31 May in Stockholm at 7A Posthuset for this first ever EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative networking event! Under the auspices of the Swedish Presidency, the EIT Community invites you to join policymakers, companies, and educational and research organisations to share your ideas for how a new generation of European talent can be fostered.

The event will showcase the opportunities offered by the Deep Tech Talent Initiative. As part of the networking, participants will be able to forge new connections, exchange ideas, and sow the seeds of future collaboration on the topic of "closing the skills gap in deep tech for a sustainable Europe."

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The event will feature opinion leaders from the industry, education providers from the Nordics, Pledgers of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, as well as representatives of the Swedish Presidency, the EIT Governing Board, and the European Commission. It will provide ample opportunities for organisations with an interest in deep tech to establish new connections.


The DTTI is a flagship programme of the New European Innovation Agenda

The programme is the European Commission’s instrument to position Europe at the forefront of the new wave of deep tech innovation. Through the Initiative, the EIT, Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem, will train 1 million people in deep tech areas by 2025.