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EIT InnoEnergy supported Hardt Hyperloop celebrates placement of the first hyperloop pipes

At the European Hyperloop Center (EHC) Kick-off Event, EIT InnoEnergy supported Hardt Hyperloop, celebrated the ceremonial placement of one of the first hyperloop pipes at the EHC. This monumental occasion was graced by the Commissioner of the King from the province of Groningen, René Paas.

The EHC, once complete, will host a 420-meter length hyperloop test facility, with a full hyperloop lane-switch. The facility is the main project of the Hyperloop Development Program, a public-private partnership consisting of more than 20 private partners, with financial backing from the European Commission, the Dutch Government, and the Province of Groningen among others.

The ceremony not only laid down a physical pipe but paved the path for Europe’s journey into a faster, more sustainable future. The EHC is a testament to Hardt’s vision of an open, standardized infrastructure where the essence of hyperloop technology lies in the vehicles.

Mars Geuze, co-founder of Hardt Hyperloop and Chief Hyperloop Officer

Notably, the EHC will serve as an open test facility, inviting hyperloop companies from all over the world to come to test. It resonates with Hardt’s ethos of fostering a community where collaboration and standardization are key. Furthermore, Hardt Hyperloop has announced that they will provide a state-of-the-art technology test & demonstration vehicle. With infrastructure placement set to conclude by year-end, eager eyes are set on the tests lined up for next year.

This center is more than just infrastructure; it’s a hub of innovation and collaboration. We are providing a stage for brilliant minds to bring the hyperloop into reality, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

Sascha Lamme, Director of the European Hyperloop Center

During the event, two significant announcements further underscored the Center’s pivotal role in hyperloop development worldwide. The Hyperloop Conference, a global gathering previously held in cities like Busan, South Korea, and Gdansk, Poland, will be hosted in the Netherlands, coinciding with the official opening of the EHC. Moreover, the European Hyperloop Week, the world’s largest hyperloop student competition where participants design and compete with their hyperloop vehicles, is set to be held at the Center in 2025.

The Province of Groningen is proud to have won the location for the European Hyperloop Center. With the EHC being built right here in Veendam, we are not just building a facility, but strengthening our commitment to sustainable, cutting-edge transportation. It is great to see it coming alive now.

Hans Popken, Project Manager for hyperloop from the Province of Groningen