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Futures of Innovation Technology inauguration event

EIT Manufacturing Athens Hub (Co-Location Centre South East) participated in the Inauguration of the “Futures of Innovation Technology – FIT” event in Romania. The event took place in Brasov, Romania, on 4 April and it happened during the “Industrial Transformation Trade Show (INTEK)” event held from 4-7 April 2023, attracting participants worldwide.

“Futures of Innovation Technology” is one of the Romanian European Digital Innovation Hubs. The participation of Mr Klaus Beetz (CEO of EIT Manufacturing), Dr Niki Kousi (Managing Director of CLC South East) and Mr Aristeidis Katsiorchis (Innovation Manager of CLC South East) at the inauguration event was an essential milestone of the EIT Manufacturing representation in South East Europe. The event aimed to bring together experts and professionals from various fields to discuss the future of technology and innovation.

Mr Klaus Beetz presented the pan-European vision of EIT Manufacturing, highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the growth of the manufacturing industry.

Dr Niki Kousi also participated in the event and presented an introduction to CLC South East. She spoke about the organisation's actions, accomplishments, and plans. The co-location centre is a regional innovation hub supporting the development of innovative manufacturing technologies in South East Europe.

Mr Aristeidis Katsiorchis presented the current programme. He shared the latest news and updates from the organisation and gave the CLC South East’s view on the technology evolution from a manufacturing perspective. Mr Katsiorchis highlighted the most critical technologies for the coming period for the manufacturing industry and how these could be financed. He also discussed how EIT Manufacturing could help organisations in this regard.

The presentations were well-received by the audience, and attendees had the opportunity to interact with the experts and ask questions. Overall, the “Futures of Innovation Technology” and “INTEK” event was a great success, and the participation of EIT Manufacturing and CLC South East played a significant role in contributing to the event. The event highlighted the importance of innovation and collaboration in driving the growth of the manufacturing industry, and it is a positive step towards creating a brighter future for the manufacturing sector.