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The human face of AI - The world's most social robots visit Silicon Valley with EIT Digital @SEC2SV

Furhat Robotics - Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley - EIT Digital

Furhat Robotics - makers of the world’s most social robots - is in San Francisco for the Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley (SEC2SV) programme - September 12-20. Supported by the pan-European EIT Digital Accelerator, the scaleup is now launching in the US and looking for new partners. 

Furhat Robotics is a spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden). Launched in 2014, the Furhat platform is being adopted by some of the world’s most creative companies and labs. 

Combining advanced AI and unique robotics technology with a deep understanding of social intelligence and human-computer interaction, the Furhat Robotics team has developed a social robot with unique expressiveness and a powerful conversational platform that has received high profile awards in Sweden and has been recognised by the Silicon Valley Forum. In Sweden, Furhat Robotics has already worked closely with partners to develop verticals for social robotics in education, elderly health care, public spaces and cognitive therapy. 

"The Furhat robot platform is being used today by companies such as Disney, Honda Robotics, Toyota, and Intel, who are working with us to build the first large applications for the platform." says CEO Samer Al Moubayed. 

CEO Samer Al Moubayed, who holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, and is a former Walt Disney Imagineer, moved back to Sweden from Pittsburgh to found the company with a group of world-leading scientists. 

"These are only the very early days. We see a clear disruptive curve for social robots, similar to the PC and smart phone revolution. We believe our technology can be an enabler and a leader in that revolution. We are now taking Furhat to the next level, and are very excited to showcase the technology and meet relevant actors in the Silicon Valley during this trip." says CEO Samer Al Moubayed. 

"Furhat Robotics is pushing the boundaries of human-robot interfaces and expanding the scope of how and where the technology can be applied. They are an excellent example of European disruptive technology, which we’re incredibly pleased to be showcasing at SEC2SV." declares Göran Olofsson, Node Director EIT Digital Sweden. "The Furhat Robotics are bringing the future of AI and robotics to the market and I have no doubts they will raise great interest in San Francisco."


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