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Vote for the EIT for the European Ombudsman Award!

From 2 May to 14 June, you'll be able to pick your favourite from among 57 amazing EU projects competing to win in one of five categories. The EIT will be competing in the Excellence in Communications category for its successful INNOVEIT event which included the EIT Summit, EIT Awards, and the launch of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative.

Find us under option 24: Connecting Europeans to the EIT Ecosystem

Why vote for us? Put simply, our INNOVEIT weeks were an incredible opportunity to raise the profile of hundreds of incredible innovators working for a better future. It brought together companies, experts, and all of those trying to get innovations off the ground to fight climate change, improve our healthcare, make our cities more livable, and much more. The project promotion and networking spurred on by no less than ten events across Europe accelerated the rate of cooperation and learning that needs to happen for Europe to grow and become more sustainable.

Here are some hard numbers showing what the EIT Community has achieved:

  • The press generated 200 articles around our events
  • We attracted over 6 000 in-person and online attendees
  • We got over 50 000 event video views
  • We reached over 30 million through social media

Learn more and vote for us here

A blast from the past: Looking back on our INNOVEIT journey

From Bilbao to Talinn, we wove our way through Europe covering every angle of innovation. We consulted stakeholders across sectors to examine vital issues like how to better include women in business and tech, how to turn the green transition into something tangible and livable for Europeans, or how to better harness AI to meet sustainability goals. We hosted such incredible speakers as David Schön, who showed us how he plans to reduce CO2 emissions from parking spaces by 98%, and Sara Guimarães Gonçalves who hopes to fight the depression and lack of activities that tends to define life in too many nursing homes.

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INNOVEIT weeks reached its grand finale on 11 October 2022 with the EIT Summit which included high-level panels, matchmaking sessions, and our 2022 EIT Awards. 

Watch our full EIT Summit livestream