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Zsófia Anna Ghira's Alumni Story: Battling the Heat among the Vulnerable

Zsófia was looking for the right business accelerator for her Cooling Corners and Corridors concept. It was a challenge to find the right fit for a project developing islands of greenery to shelter vulnerable city residents from the impact of urban heat waves.

When New European Bauhaus kicked into gear, Zsófia was delighted to find it was exactly what she was looking for. And the EIT was there every step of the way.

Zsófia already had glowing memories of her time with EIT Climate-KIC's Climate Leadership Journey summer school. It's her experience of those workshops that inspired her to choose heat adaptation and climate justice as a climate issue she wanted to focus on. 

[Climate Leadership Journey and the Jumpstarter programme] were definitely the sources that made me clear on the importance of working on values like inclusion and sustainability -- as CoolCo's has.

-- Zsófia  Anna Ghira


The foundation of the concept for CoolCo's was laid at the summer school and the concept went on to win 2nd place for the Rising Stars award with the New European Bauhaus in the "Prioritising the places and people that need it the most" category. Zsófia would highly recommend the programme for the exposure it gives to other local initiatives and expertise.

The EIT continued to support Zsófia and CoolCo's, giving them the knowledge and skills they needed to meet the New European Bauhaus principles in aesthetics, inclusion, and sustainability. Their first pilot programme will be implmemented this year, giving them a chance to test how well their innovation shields vulnerable groups from heat waves.

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